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New year, new experience of fine music

4th January, 2012

Ah, January. It’s that time when classical musicians go into hibernation and lovers of the genre hole up with their new CDs, or take their iPods to the beach. But wait! Not all is as it seems. A little digging soon reveals that this is the time fine music goes looking for new partners –…Read More

Christmas music: Hallelujah or horror?

30th November, 2011

Everyone has a view on Christmas music, even if they keep it under wraps. You can’t escape it in the supermarket, with crackling speakers – interrupted by price checks – yearning for a white Christmas all too soon after the Mother’s Day run on toasters. Unfortunately, in the misguided view that the consumer will be…Read More

Sebastian Lang-Lessing leaves the TSO

23rd September, 2011

In Melbourne for a Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO) concert last weekend, its Chief Conductor and musical director Sebastian Lang-Lessing mused on his long association with the orchestra he is soon to leave. In the way of modern conductors, Lang-Lessing arrived in Tasmania with plenty of runs on the board: an international career that started at…Read More

Jamie Walton and Benjamin Martin in Recital: Melbourne Recital Centre

17th June, 2009

Jamie Walton and Benjamin Martin in Recital: Melbourne Recital Centre There were three fine “players” in this performance in Elisabeth Murdoch Hall: the cellist Jamie Walton, pianist Benjamin Martin – and the hall itself, which continues to delight as Melbourne’s best venue for chamber music. A frosty Monday night would not seem an opportune time…Read More