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Sollima – Performer as Creator

18th April, 2014

On the eve of his Melbourne appearances with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, composer and performer cellist Giovanni Sollima talks about recording, improvisation, and being called a rock star. In their comprehensive discussion interviewer Adam Szabo discovers a truly unique voice in music. When I speak to Giovanni Sollima, he is three performances into a twelve-concert…Read More

The magic of Matheuz and the MSO

15th April, 2014

Principal Guest Conductor of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Diego Matheuz, in one week conducted no less than five concerts, working with the orchestra, two instrumental soloists and a large choir. Further the two distinct programs included works by Rachmaninov, Stravinsky and Shostakovich and tackled Beethoven’s epic Fifth Symphony. Add to this effort rehearsals and a…Read More

Grass roots provide a musical feast

9th April, 2014

Having spent a weekend revelling in some wonderfully satisfying music, it became increasingly apparent to Classic Melbourne that the role of community organisations devoted to music making is an essential ingredient in our vibrant cultural life. Opera companies, orchestras, choirs – professional, amateur and a blend of both – are all part of Melbourne’s rich musical offerings.…Read More

Married to the Quartet

1st April, 2014

In recent years novelists, playwrights and film-makers have revived speculation about quartets: how do the “families” that play together stay together? Flinders Quartet cellist Zoe Knighton offers an insider’s perspective that suggests it’s a marriage of true minds  – with the inevitable compromises. As Zoe tells it … When Flinders Quartet began in 2000, none…Read More

Maestro Diego Matheuz

25th March, 2014

Diego Matheuz, in the second of a three-year attachment to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as Principal Guest Conductor, is the very model of a modern maestro. First, there’s his youth (he celebrates his 30th birthday this year) and his Venezuelan good looks married with a charmingly self-effacing manner. Yet his achievements, as detailed by the…Read More

ANAM set to soar in 2014

17th March, 2014

Classic Melbourne visited the wonderful Australian National Academy of Music to hear about plans and highlights for 2014, starting with a preview of ANAM’s opening concert. Heather Leviston was so impressed by the rehearsal she returned to the South Melbourne Town Hall to hear an outstanding performance. Review: The Lark Ascending Brett Dean conductor Anne-Marie…Read More

Perfect presenter for the Proms

13th March, 2014

The MSO Proms series springs into life on March 14, at the Melbourne Town Hall, with Eddie Perfect perhaps an unexpected choice for Master of Ceremonies. But the Proms are synonymous with fun, irreverence and inclusiveness as well as showcasing fine music and Eddie would seem to be (I’m trying to avoid the obvious pun) ……Read More

Aura Go returns to Melbourne Metropolis

10th March, 2014

A featured artist in this year’s Metropolis series at the Melbourne Recital Centre, Finland-based Australian musician Aura Go has won acclaim for her conducting as well as her pianistic skills. She has an international profile, but Melbourne is where it all started … Although it’’s often commented that people are drawn to an occupation that…Read More

Sam Sakker: Friends with Benefit

3rd March, 2014

Australian opera singer Sam Sakker is heading for Covent Garden and fellow opera singers Emma Matthews, Deborah Humble, and Jose Carbo, plan a benefit concert for him in Melbourne in April. Deborah tells why. Australia’s geographical isolation has always meant that young singers have had to travel far from home seeking to broaden their musical…Read More

Daniel Carter: At Home in Hamburg

27th February, 2014

As Australian conductor Daniel Carter takes up his new position in Hamburg Deborah Humble catches up with him to discuss the life in the city and the path that led him there. Sydney born Daniel Carter began learning the piano at age 4, started composing at 11, and went to his first opera at 14.…Read More