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Terms and conditions for posting events to Classic Melbourne

by Suzanne Yanko

Classic Melbourne is happy to give you permission to post your event on our website, provided that such events meet the our Terms of Service as set forth:

  • Permission to use our website is solely for the purpose of promoting your event.
  • The said event has to be about or related to the performance of classical music and is of interest to the general public.
  • You must first register with Classic Melbourne and receive a confirmation letter approving details about your event.
  • To get our vote, treat the website with respect. Provide the required fields in the form and be descriptive, concise and accurate with the event details.
  • Remember to limit your description to a single paragraph and re-size images to 350 by 350 pixels or less.
  • Please note that you are responsible for your account and all the activities within it. We expect you to maintain a high standard of accuracy and presentation.
  • Finally, you recognise that Classic Melbourne is not your editor and reserves the right to remove posts that are irrelevant, inappropriate or do not conform to the conditions stated above.