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Just a Couple of Song and Dance Men

19th November, 2018

Just a Couple of Song and Dance Men could be more accurately titled “Just a Couple of Dance and Song Men”, but it doesn’t trip off the tongue as well. This is a show with loads of charm, fun and enthusiasm. It’s a delightful night in the theatre despite some rough edges. Our two leading…Read More

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

15th November, 2018

Since it was premièred in 1868, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg has accumulated a greater weight of negative baggage than any other major opera. Notorious as a vehicle for Nazi propaganda, its essential core of humanity and plea for tolerance is often obscured. For all its strengths, Kasper Holten’s direction in this co-production between Opera Australia,…Read More

School of Rock

13th November, 2018

A musical titled School of Rock might seem an unusual show to review for a classical music website. Its style is mostly rock but with some lovely close harmony work in the song “Alma Mater”. And it is solely about the power of music to light up people’s lives—and what better place to start than…Read More

La Bohème

10th November, 2018

La Bohème returned to Melbourne this week in a new production by Opera Australia under the direction of Gale Edwards. While perhaps not as ‘over the top’ as the previous production by Baz Luhrman, it did have some Luhrman echoes. Overall this was an excellent production of an audience favorite which has stood the test of…Read More


9th November, 2018

Victorian Opera has struck Rhine gold with Lorelei. Classed as “operatic cabaret” VO’s latest commissioned work, created by composer Julian Langdon in collaboration with Casey Bennetto and Gillian Cosgriff, is a witty and unexpectedly thoughtful reimagining of the Lorelei legend made famous by Heinrich Heine’s 1824 poem. There are also connections with the Greek myth…Read More

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

8th November, 2018

What a delight this show is from start to finish! From the skills of all the performers, the beautifully judged pace and timing, the visual and physical theatre aspects, wonderful singing, the plot twists – the Production Company’s latest offering engages on every level. The Playhouse gave a very suitable intimate Off Broadway feel to…Read More

OA: Metamorphosis

1st November, 2018

Alienation is the theme of Metamorphosis – Opera Australia’s production achieves this on every level. Brian Howard’s musical composition and its performance, the drama, staging, direction all become one in serving the bleakness of Kafka’s famous text. To provide a brief summary: Gregor Samso awakens after an uneasy sleep to discover he’s been transformed into…Read More

Interview: Adrian Tamburini

29th October, 2018

Prior to Opera Australia’s Melbourne season, Deborah Humble spoke to Adrian Tamburini, who performs the role of Chief Clerk in Brian Howard’s Metamorphosis. She began by asking him about the part. What was it like being offered a role in such an edgy, non-mainstream production? When I was offered the role of the Chief Clerk…Read More

William Forsythe: A Quiet Evening of Dance

22nd October, 2018

A Quiet Evening of Dance is worth making a big noise about for its clever and playful exploration of the rules and vocabulary of dance. An interest in bending or breaking the rules has been driving world renowed choreographer William Forsythe since he began choreographing for the Stuttgart Ballet over 40 years ago. Since 1978 he has…Read More

Madiba the Musical

22nd October, 2018

Composed and written by Jean-Pierre Hadida, with co-author Alicia Sebrien, Madiba The Musical is not simply a story about a great man; it also examines the impact of a repressive system on ordinary people and deftly summarises Winnie Mandela as a driving force behind her husband’s publicity.  The musical starts with the Narrator (David Dennis)…Read More