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Viewpoint: Bangarra

by Mia Daniels
Two performers with hands reaching up, with bright yellow dust flowing up

Continuing our Viewpoint series, which gives opportunity to writers other than regular reviewers to give their impressions, we are pleased to present this piece by Year 6 student Mia Daniels.  Mia attended Bangarra:  30 Years of Sixty Five Thousand at the Arts Centre Melbourne Playhouse.


To start off with the stage effects were really effective. It really engaged me to keep watching and to think about what was happening and that how it connects with the dance piece.

Their costumes were simple but effective and enhanced their body movements. The dancers were connected when they were dancing and that really helped the dance. They used props that were eye catching and different like string and chalk. All the dancers were in character throughout all the dances. They were all very flexible and could do very strong moves. All of them had power and were flowing in their dance.
They used their whole body to do the moves and the music went well with the story line and showed what the production was about. The dancers acknowledged Aboriginal culture and showed what styles of dance they did back in the old times.

Overall, the whole production was absolutely breathtaking.


Mia Daniels competes in the national gymnastics team for her club MLC and also competes in the Victorian State Team, so she is no stranger to performance.  This was, however, her first experience of a full contemporary dance production.  We hear that in high school Mia hopes to pursue an interest in creative writing, and Classic Melbourne is delighted to be part of her journey!

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