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BK Opera La Traviata

23rd August, 2017

For all the talk about opera dying, there’s a surprising amount of it in Melbourne these days: from the adventurous Victorian Opera’s ongoing success and Melbourne Opera stepping up to the next level with Wagner at the Regent, to grassroots BK Opera. This fledgling company’s latest offering is Verdi’s La Traviata, presented in a North…Read More

MSO: There Will Be Blood

13th August, 2017

There Will Be Blood signified a point of departure of sorts for filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, whose previous works (Hard Eights, Punch-Drunk Love, Magnolia) recounted stories set in relatively contemporary times (the exception being Boogie Nights, which harked back to the 1970s). The convincing adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s novel Oil! – set in the 18th…Read More

Melbourne Opera: Lohengrin

9th August, 2017

After making the metaphorical leap across Collins Street last year for Tannhäuser, Melbourne Opera returns to the Regent Theatre for its next shot at the grand Wagnerian experience, Lohengrin. What this production may lack visually – due to a limitation of budget more than imagination – it makes up for with splendid musicality, led by…Read More

PEACE – A Cantata for John Monash

8th August, 2017

His name is found all over Melbourne; Monash is a famous Australian university, and the city of Monash is one of the larger and most diverse in Victoria. But how much is really known about this man who inspired such honours, apart from his skills on the battlefield in WWl France? In fact much of the fame…Read More

Jesus Christ Superstar

30th July, 2017

It’s startling to realize that Jesus Christ Superstar was born from the fertile brain of a 21-year-old composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber, along with his lyricist Tim Rice. And it has become a classic in the music theatre genre since it burst onto the stage in 1972. More than 40 years later, director Gale Edwards has…Read More

MSO: Amadeus

25th July, 2017

Milos Forman’s sumptuous biopic was penned by Peter Shaffer, based on Shaffer’s eponymous stage play. The approach to telling the story of prodigious composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s life was thoroughly inventive and worthy of recounting here. Mozart died at the tender age of 35, but much mystery has surrounded the actual cause of death. As…Read More

The Adventures of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

24th July, 2017

Peter Pan is one of the best-loved children’s stories, and has always been perfect for pantomime, with its magical characters mixed with the everyday children of author J.M. Barrie’s Victorian England. So what is producer Bonnie Lythgoe’s new Australian production of Peter Pan – or to give it its full title, The Adventures of Peter…Read More

Lyric Opera: The Coronation of Poppea

19th July, 2017

For their second and final offering for 2017, Lyric Opera has once again drawn upon and nurtured the skills of Australian singers, musicians and creative artists. Rather than choosing an unjustly neglected relatively modern work, as has been the case recently, conductor Pat Miller and his team have prepared a version of Claudio Monteverdi’s 1643…Read More

Victorian Opera: Cunning Little Vixen

26th June, 2017

Even before the singing, Victorian Opera’s Cunning Little Vixen captured the imagination as members of the adult and children’s chorus capered and crawled about the stage as various animals. Roger Kirk’s colourful costumes draw on elements of the human world in clever, playful ways: the bees, for example, had badminton racquets crossed on their backs…Read More

Interview: Derek Welton

25th June, 2017

Bass-baritone Derek Welton started singing with the Australian Boys Choir before moving onto Melbourne Chorale. In 2004, he won the Encouragement Award at the Herald-Sun Arias and the following year was Runner-up. He is now under contract to Deutsche Oper Berlin and this year makes his debut at both the Bayreuth Festival and the Salzburg…Read More