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ANAM: Bohemia

14th March, 2018

From the balcony of the South Melbourne Town Hall, eleven trumpeters, two euphonium players and a timpanist heralded the Australian National Academy of Music’s 2018 season with a stirring account of Janáček’s powerful Sokol Fanfare. It was the beginning of a concert marked by the inviting melodies of Bohemia and a remarkable degree of coordination…Read More

Review: Tristan and Isolde

7th February, 2018

Tackling increasingly difficult Wagner operas with notable success, Melbourne Opera braved the so-called “Tristan Curse” and, although not unscathed, produced a memorable performance of opera’s most iconic love story. Just as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra had to replace an ailing Stuart Skelton for their concert performances of Tristan and Isolde in 2013, so illness plagued…Read More

Priscilla -Queen of the Desert

31st January, 2018

Waiting anxiously to see whether this long-time favourite film makes an easy transition to the stage? Our reviewer’s verdict is in, and it’s glowing; ten years on, Priscilla still dazzles… Melbourne is doing well for homegrown musicals this year and 2018 is still young! Following the critical and box office success of Dream Lover across…Read More


22nd January, 2018

It is certainly ambitious for any company to take on one of the biggest shows ever to hit Broadway, but to do it with a cast of 114 young performers aged 10 to 20 years of age, sounds like madness. However, the Young Australian Broadway Chorus not only takes it on, but shows the pros…Read More


19th January, 2018

Throughout history there have always been stellar, distinctively inimitable, executants of various artistic disciplines. It falls however to just a small handful of performing artists to have truly transformed their art-forms: Vaslav Nijinsky, Glenn Gould, Niccolò Paganini, perhaps Marlon Brando, but most definitely the Greek-American soprano Maria Callas. Opera post-Callas was never the same, and…Read More

Biber: Missa Salisburgensis (at the Organs Of The Ballarat Goldfields Festival)

7th January, 2018

The Organs of the Ballarat Goldfields Festival is another of the festivals that Classic Melbourne is pleased to highlight in January, relieving as it does the dearth of good concerts nightly, as Melbourne often enjoys throughout the year.  As a highlight of our coverage of the festival, and to introduce it, regular reviewer John Weretka spoke to Gary Ekkel about Heinrich Biber’s titanic Missa…Read More

Dream Lover dazzles

1st January, 2018

Rarely have I attended an opening night when the standing ovation on all three levels of the State Theatre was as heartfelt and sincere as the one given on New Year’s Eve in Melbourne to Dream Lover, the new musical about the life of singer Bobby Darin. From the opening  with the razzle-dazzle choreographyof the chorus surrounding star David Campbell as Bobby…Read More

Vien, women and song

31st December, 2017

We’ve done the research, and can confidently report that the place for celebrating the New Year for 2018 is … Sydney! We’re not just talking about the world-famous fireworks in their matchless harbour setting, we’re talking about a night for opera-lovers, with a Gala and a show that starts its run tonight so you can…Read More

Peninsula Summer Music Festival

26th December, 2017

It is a well-known fact that, every January, Melbourne ‘s many classical music venues lose their bustling air as musicians and larger companies apparently follow their audiences to the beach for the rest of the summer. Some take their instruments with them, as the increasingly popular Peninsula Summer Music Festival attests. Ten years ago the…Read More

Hamer Singers Debut Concert

9th December, 2017

In choral circles Christmas is more about revisiting old favourites and giants of the repertoire rather than trying out something new, expect perhaps for some shorter items in a weighty program. So it was  with particular interest that Classic Melbourne accepted  an invitation to the Hamer Singers Debut Concert – As One Who Slept, on December 3, 2017,…Read More